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EXOST episode 5 (around 2:08 to 2:15)

Suho: 어디 가지? / Where should we go?

Kris: 니 맘 속에- / (Into) your heart.

luhaenbaby said: hii~ if you've got a moment, could i request a krisho appreciation post? they were my otp and i miss them a lot recently ;_; please and thank youuu ♥


Of course~! Here’s a spam of the cute mom and dad couple. c:

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Taemin’s & Kai symbol~

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boys doing the #donghaecosplay

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cr: snowdrop

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“dumplings over flowers”

yixing’s iqiyi interview (aka further proof he’s the cutest human being on the planet)

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EXO-L Official App.
EXO-L Official App.

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 Jongin, he is not a chicken

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(for those worrying about those misleading posts: Jongdae did not fall and hurt himself, he’s perfectly fine)

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please unmute this vine, I swear

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